1)  SINKING FLESH THINKING FLESH   (2015) – trailer, 1 min 50 seconds.

Direction, dramaturgy and performance by Peter Sau.

– a rumination about human bodies from various marginalized communities in Singapore; an evocative amalgamation of 3 characters from 3 plays written by Singapore’s Cultural Medallion recipients, Kuo Pao Kun and Haresh Sharma.  A eunuch; a man with dementia; a HIV positive man.

(video; courtesy of Grace Zhang)





2)  DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER ME (about dementia) and DON’T KNOW DON’T CARE (about terminal illness)

– an interview with rehearsal excerpts – 4 minutes 50 seconds.

Commissioned and performed at the national arts venue, The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.  A rare production shedding light on two very stigmatized and hardly discussed human conditions.

Direction by Peter Sau.  Written by Haresh Sharma.

(video; courtesy of The Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay)





3)  TELL ME WHEN TO CRY AND WHEN TO LAUGH   (2012) – performance excerpts, 10 minutes.

Produced, written, directed and performed by Peter Sau.

– a one-man show where I weaved together 6 characters from previous plays I acted in, exploring a deep dialogue between them and myself about individual oppression; a landmark introspective work in my career.





4.1)  SQUARE MOON (2013) – – an interview, 2 minutes 25 seconds.

Direction and dramaturgy by Peter Sau.

– written by ex-detainee, Wong Souk Yee, involved in the so-called 1988 Marxist Conspiracy in Singapore.  A work about detention without trial still being enforced in Singapore.

(video; courtesy of Function 8)




4.2) SQUARE MOON   (2013) – supporting trailer, 1 minute 10 seconds.

 – S & M : Slaves and Masters as metaphors of the oppressors and the oppressed.

(video; courtesy of Function 8)







1)  Cooling Off Day (2012)

A verbatim theatre work which charted a new ground in political commentary theatre still being perceived as sensitive in Singapore.

Performing the real words of a working class taxi driver – 5 minutes.

(video; courtesy of Wild Rice)





2) 2015  Singapore Life! Theatre Awards, won ‘Best Actor’  for Art  (2014) by Yasmina Reza translated and presented by Nine Years Theatre.

Performance excerpts – 5 minutes 30 seconds.

(video; courtesy of Nine Years Theatre)







2011 Young Artist Award, conferred by National Arts Council, Singapore.

A brief interview – 1 minute 15 seconds.

(video; courtesy of National Arts Council)