Peter is a highly experienced theatre practitioner, drama educator and workshop leader who draws a lot from his past and ongoing professional development.

On top of the extensive skills imparted by master artists from his alma mater (ITI), Peter has also over the years trained in the Suzuki Method of Actor Training (Tadashi Suzuki and Suzuki Company of Toga)), Viewpoints (Anne Bogart and SITI Company), Butoh (Akiko Motofuji, wife of Tatsumi Hijikata), Lecoq (London International School of Performing Arts), Clown (Philippe Gaulier) and attended many other master classes with influential artists from all over the world.

Serving as a part-time theatre faculty member at the School of the Arts (SOTA) since 2010, Peter imparts performance skills in Realism, Devised Theatre and Asian classical theatre (Noh, Beijing Opera and Wayang Wong).  Backed up by extensive professional experience, he prepares students in its IBCP (career-related) program for further training and professional development so as to pursue theatre as a career in the future.  He conducts master classes and workshops for teachers and students from International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, tertiary institutions, junior colleges and secondary schools.  Twice, he was appointed as an abjudicator for the Singapore Youth Festival English Drama Presentation (2014 and 2015).  He is also an external performance assessor appointed by National Arts Council from 2013.

After his MA studies in the UK and two years of networking and continuous training in the field of disability arts, in 2016, Peter began conducting performance workshops with people with disabilities.  These include Deaf dancers from Redeafination and adults with down syndrome from D’Artistes.  He is also mentoring very closely a guide dog user, Lim Lee Lee in public speaking, performing and theatre writing.

By mid 2017, Peter will roll out a cost-free voluntary theatre training program for identified Deaf and disabled artists who wish to professionalize in theatre.  Towards this purpose, he is steadily gathering pledges of in-kind expertise from an increasing number of established theatre makers in Singapore.

He is beginning to receive support from British Council Singapore and National Arts Council and is still in conversation with the U.S Embassy.  He looks forward to connecting with more government agencies, corporate and private patrons/supporters who believe in the important paradigm-shifting cause.

Peter owes the discovery of his work direction in disability arts to Kuo Pao Kun Foundation and Mr Han Lao Da, cultural medallion recipient and founder of Han Language Centre.


Attending the ‘Arts & Disability Forum’ in 2016 with Lim Lee Lee, with speakers/trainers from the UK.



Continuous performance-making workshops with adults with down syndrome from D’Artistes.

(with acknowledgement to D’Artistes)



Continuous performance-making workshops with Deaf dancers from Redeafination.

(with acknowledgement to Redeafination)

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